My Photography Final from Advanced Photography Class

Photography 102 was the next class offered to me at my college to continue practicing my photography academically. If you haven't seen my post about my first photography final you can click here to look at it. This class focused on challenging it's students harder than photography 101. Since we had passed the first class there was no reason for our projects that we turned in to be sub par. No out of focus, no poor composition and only proper exposures would accepted. The assignments we got were challenging, from using photos to describe wet, to night landscapes. It was a fun class and I have no idea where all the photos I took for it went but here are the ones I used for my final.

I bought the matterials for this project at a second hand store so I burned about 20$ worth of board games, books, dolls, etc. The reason I chose to shoot things burning is because:

1. I haven't seen it before

2. I wanted to challenge myself (and getting the exposures right was difficult)

3. I like FIRE!

You can see fire in my studio photography class final aswell.

As always thanks for reading,

and check out my other post about my first photography final.

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