My Vacation to Utah (part 2 of 2)

Bryce Canyon and Hoodos

If you haven't seen part 1 click here.

Bryce Canyon and it's orange landscape was the second stop on my trip to Utah. The Orangie spires of rock tower above as you hike down the trail. Being at a high altitude it wasn't an easy hike as you go down and up over 2000 feet in elevation during the hike

The trail did have nice views and rock formations that are named after various things like Thors hammer and Queen Elizabeth which I will point out down below.

Queen Elizabeth (Left) Thor's Hammer (Right)

The weather in this part of Utah was very interesting because in the morning till about 1pm it was sunshine and then it switched to scattered clouds till about 3pm which is when rain would start and sometimes lightening as well. Being a southern California I haven't seen whether like this before and I consider myself lucky because I even got to see it hail. After we were done with the trail we went around to the scenic view points scattered throughout the park.

As you can see the clouds started coming in which was nice for a little while till the sun was blocked.

We went into the town outside of Bryce canyon to get some food and do local things like stick your head in cutouts. After this day my family went home to sunny and 90 degree southern California. It was a long drive but one I hope to make again to come back to Utah for more photo adventures.

To see more of the photos from the day check out my flicker album by clicking on this text.

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