My Vacation to Utah (1 of 2)

This happened back in August of this year. My family goes on a vacation at the end of every summer and this year we went to Utah to visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. I do not have any footage of my vacation just photos. I was using my d750 with Nikons 24-120 f4 for 90% of the photos down below.

On the way to Utah we drove through Vegas, a sliver of Arizona and a thunderstorm. Living in Los Angeles I can count the times I have seen lightening because it happens so infrequently. So I crawled into the back of the van on top of the luggage to try and get a few shots of the lighting.

ISO 12,800 f4 1/40th sec
ISO 12,800 f4 1/40th sec

It's not much but I felt pretty lucky to get one because I was spraying and praying for one(took 200 pictures).

Zion National Park

This place is b-e-a-utiful. It wasn't hard to take nice pictures because of the dramatic landscapes and beautiful skys.

There are lots of hiking trails at this park and unfortunately I only got to explore one.

The Narrows

The Narrows hike was one of the most fun I have ever done. It is a steep canyon with vertical gardens on the side of the canyons and a river along the bottom of the canyon. I would say 90% of the hike is in water. Some of the water can get to about 4ft deep if not more.

I had a dry bag to keep minimal camera equipment with me from getting wet. I had my gorilla tripod, a spare battery, camera, and a small towel in case water got it(It didn't)

Above you can see what most of the narrows looked like. I posted most of the pictures I took daily on instagram and got people saying it looked like I was posting the same photo each day. Funny but they were right, there was very little difference in the composition and colors in the photos(so I am not going to bore you with them).

One of the frightening sides of the hike is it is very susceptible to flash floods and as we were leaving I could see storm clouds behind us.

All in all the natural beauty and dramatic clouds that occur daily at Zion really make it one of my most memorable trips I have been on.

If you would like to see all of my photos from Zion click here to be taken to my Flickr album which I recommend because it collages all the photos much better than this blog does.

Check out part 2 of my trip to Utah

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