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Ihave taken 2 other photography courses so far and if you havent seen the posts for them yet click on one of the photos below to be taken to the posts.

So the way that this class was different from my two previous classes was that this one focused on crafted pictures. Lights were set in place, models were instructed how to pose, and everything was re adjusted till the picture was just right. It was a good class as it allowed me to use strobes, diffuses, and other studio equipment that I wouldn't have normally been open to use with out purchasing them first.

The assignments for the class were mostly portraits using various light sources to challenge the students to think outside of the box. Like shooting on Jpg, iso 100, with a lens greater than 70mm, indoors. It would be easy to just use iso 3200 and use a shutter speed of 1/200th sec but being restricted to 100iso really makes you think about how to get more light on your model. I was opening windows using mirrors and reflectors to try and get my shutter speed above a 1/20thsec (I was using a 24-120 f4). But anyway here are the photos that stuck out this semester.

And here are the photos I used for my final.

Now Originally I was going for a theme of shallow depth of field portraits but I got lost along the way. I could have went for more of the business looking portraits from the get go and this all would have been more cohesive but we all cant get what we want. The thing I will pull away from this class is how to manipulate light using strobes, speedlights and shadows.

If you want to see more of the photos I used and didnt use click here to be taken to a flickr album.

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