My First Photography Final

I took an photography class my first year of college to learn about my camera and to see how I compared to other students taking the course. Throughout the semester I learned about photography fundamentals and how to use my d5100. There was a new project to shoot every week from landscapes to self portraits. The class forced me to go out and use my camera and explore Los Angeles to try and capture light as best I could. Below are a few of the shots I took for homework throughout the class.

Speckled Rattler



Fire and Ice

Night time in Marina Del Rey

But this post is about the final I made. At the time I was playing airsoft as much as I could and I would often bring my camera to fields to take pictures of players and even got to take pictures of airsoft celebrities.

Below are some of my favorite shots from the assignment.

I am glad to see that I have learned a lot more since this class and can safely say that I do take better pictures now, hah. You might ask yourself do you really need school for photography? I will only say no you dont, IF you have enough gusto to get yourself outside and take pictures. For me at the beginning of the class I didn't know what the exposure triangle was or how to take photos with blurry backgrounds, but at the end of it I knew how to control my camera 95%. One thing the class didn't cover well was using flash, or maybe I missed that class.

Oh well I hope you enjoyed this post. Check out the other posts about my school projects!

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