My 10 photography new years resolution.

New year new me(hah pls)

1. Take more photos. What I mean by that is by the end of 2016 I started pressing the shutter button less and less. where I used to take 500 pictures I would now be taking 100-200, but I wasn't getting the photos I wanted. They would be out of focus, wrong exposure and useless. Only more practice will make you better.

2. Be more commanding when I take my photos. I recently was shooting some decorations at a wedding and the wedding photographer came into the church to take some pictures of the alter and aisle. There were a few people who were already sitting down waiting for the wedding and the photographer kicked them out.(nicely) I guess I never thought of taking charge to get better photos for my clients until then.

3. Carry my camera as much as I can. In 2016 I found many times a beautiful sunset or a unique moment happening and my camera was 10 miles away at home. This year I want my camera with me as much as possible.

4. Put my self out there more. When I first got my dslr I wanted to be a concert photographer. As time went on I transitioned into wanting to to landscapes and portraits, but I would still like to get some concerts/festivals on my belt. This year I will try to apply to be a festival/ concert photographer.

5. Post only quality content to my instagram. I have a lot of photos on my insta but nothing is succinct on there. I try and post 3 of the same photos in a row over 3 days. like 3 portraits 3 landscapes etc. But sometimes the stuff I put on there just isnt very good. I post to post and not to show off quality which is what I see doing well right now. Quality > Quantity

6. Be more accessible with my camera. Kinda like #3 but what I mean is I want to offer myself to take photos of people gratis.(free) It'd probably come out with benefits, like more Instagram followers or more future customers.

7. Watching less how to videos. There are a lot of popular photography related youtube channels and most have the same content but present it in a different way, which is fine because everyone learns differently. However I have found that when I watch a "IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WITH THIS PILL" video I already know the tips they are going to say. IE how to get more bokeh-> lower fstop, how to get starscapes -> go away from cities. If I do watch a how to, it will be on 1.5x speed because I am there for content not your intro or rambling.

8. Expose (hah) myself to more photography. Basically going online and looking for cool images etc.

9. More blog posts and videos. in 2016 I had 1 video out. In 2017 I plan to double that number.

10. Try and restart my other photography project ShutterVista.

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