Photo shoot in San Diego

Super Bowel Sunday was the past weekend (2/6/16) and I spent it at photo shoot. My favorite part of the super bowl is the commercials and it has been that way since I was 6. Anyway. For this photo shoot I was hired to do some portfolio work for one of my friends who is a make up artist. I brought with me all of the lenses I could because I didn't really have a plan of what I was going to shoot other than a model at a park on an overcast day, but I didn't know the terrain or areas I could shoot. If I could redo the day I would have either gone down a day earlier to scout out the park for the best spots or gotten to San Diego earlier to do the same.

The shoot started at the model's home where Becka the makeup hair stylist, and Elizabeth the model were getting ready. (gotta look good for the camera.) I took periodical photos of the makeup progression and soon enough the Elizabeth was finished.

We went to Presidio Park in Old Town SD(San Diego) and found a decent spot for our theme which was Gaea the Greek goddess. Sort of a mother earth character. It was a cloudy day and sprinkled a little bit, but even though there was no direct sunlight I knew that I was running out of light because it was past 4pm. I wanted to get as many different shots as I could within 1hr30min because that is when it got black outside.

I had an opaque 36in diffusing disc that was held in front of my SB-910 speed-light which was used in the photos with flash. the further the disc was held away from the speed-light the softer the light. Most of the shoot I was using my 85mm f2 between f2 and f4.

As soon as the photos looked repetitive and I knew I had some sharp ones we moved on to a new location. There was a tree that was easy to climb so I had the model get up it and started going to work. I wanted only the model to be lit so I set the flash to <200mm and the light coming out of the speed-light was powerful and tightly focused which only illuminated the model.

I thought it might be cool if I got in the tree as well so I climbed up the tree and snapped a few shots. I don't think they are the best but they are different than what I was getting before.

After climbing down it was already 4:20. I had about 15 min before the sun was gone so we moved to a new spot up on a hill which was somewhat woodsy. Applying what I had learned from my studio class I adjusted the speed-light and my camera to over power the sun creating some of my favorite shots of the day.

Sadly, I looked at my camera to adjust something and when I looked up the sunset was gone. We moved on to a little hut looking thing that was on the hill and took the final photos there. I took over 400 photos and about 10 that are definite keepers which helps with my new years resolution of shooting more.

#tricks #Photography #travel #models

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