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A MUA(make up artist) friend of mine wanted to rent a studio and get a model to do a photo shoot for portfolio work. Unfortunately some things happened and I was left with the model and the studio. I have been a fan of low key lighting but never got a chance to practice it in school. I went to to look at some free lighting diagrams to see what lighting set ups I wanted to try and found a few low key set ups worth trying.

My model Lexington and I met through model mayhem. We didn't really discus what to wear to the shoot but she came ready. My first shots are below. We used a 48in octobox paramount lighting style with another soft box off to the side like this.

Below are some of the shots with this set up.

I had Lexington put on a new outfit after 30 shots and I changed the strobes up with my friend Nora (thank God she came because 48in soft boxes are heavy after a while) In the next set of photos I got rid of the octobox went for 2 medium size soft boxes that I set up opposite each other 45 degrees in front and behind of the model inline with each other. The results were my favorite from the shoot. I am pretty sure I got what I was looking for by renting a studio that day.

After about 30 photos I had her switch her outfits and I switched up the lights. My only regret is not getting the lighting set up I had for this next set earlier. You can see her black pants didn't come out that well and I should have used a large rectangular soft box like the one I used in the slide show below. OR maybe a spot light. But I did have a hard time figuring out how to power the strobes at RedLab Studio to get a hair light strobe working. I almost got my SB-910 out but just went without it. Anyway the set up below is similar to the second one except with a 5-6ft rectangular softbox as the key light.

All in all it was a good shoot. I really liked the studio at RedLab and if you want to rent a studio for a shoot I would recommend it.


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