Hollywood ARISE: Friday. Lightning and thunder.

Friday night was planned to be a night of worship, which turned out to be one of the most EPIC nights of worship Hollywood has ever seen.

I arrived very close to 5pm and met up with David to do some merch shots for the ARISE Insta.

I think the shots turned out pretty great considering we had 8min to take them.

I didn't take a lot of photos after the merch photos were taken but I make a timelapse that caught a storm rolling in.

As a good photographer knowing the weather ahead of time is crucial so you can plan ahead. I checked the weather that morning and there were supposed to be clouds coming but not storm clouds.

Talk about the heavens opening up.

It went from 0-100 real quick when lightning started dropping in our background.

Then we got (voluntarily) drenched in rain.

Thank goodness I a "weatherproof" kit cause that rain had no chill just a downpour right on top of our tent. So many people were caught off guard by the rain, hardly anyone had umbrellas or rain jackets.

Luckily the tent was all nice and cozy to be sheltered from the rain.

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