Photographing a weekend event. Hollywood ARISE (Preface & Thursday)

In August I found myself looking for a new church community, one of my friends recommended I check out his friend's in West Hollywood called Radiance International. I had not been to a church service in like 4 weeks so I was willing to try anything and the moment I got there I found a church that looked like the stepped out of the book of Acts. Besides that the church walls were covered with prophetic paintings and one of them had a tree on it that looked super similar to one I drew after a dream I had when I was 9. After that I knew I was supposed to be at Radiance for a purpose. Sometimes during the week members from the church get together and have fellowship. During that time I felt a burning passion to do event photography, which is weird because I haven't had a desire for that since I was 18. I told one of my new friends there and they informed me that the event coordinator for Hollywood ARISE was looking for one to do the weekend. I guess you could say I was down before I already knew about the event.

Hollywood Arise was a 72 hour tent event where people came from all over LA, some flew in from other states and a group came from Toronto. 40 different churches were there in total to pray and release Hollywood into its full destiny.

Thankfully I had some help during the weekend so I could take breaks to edit photos for the ARISE Instagram. (shout out to Dale, Joel, and Felicia)

I arrived at the tent at 10pm on Thursday to help set up things and be there when the event started at 12am.

Sure enough at midnight people started showing up.

The first band started playing, the pastors gave an opening prayer and the 72 hours of nonstop prayer and worship started.

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